My work reflects the two cultural influences that shaped me. My homeland is Germany where I’ve been born but my nationality is Italian. I studied economics but had to understand that I was not cut out for a job in the industry – being too shy and too sensitive.

In 2007 I opened a shop for italian shoes and bags. I learned the day-to-day business of a shop owner. It’s been exciting to visit the showrooms and fairs.  But my imagination got wings when I visited the Italian producers in their companies.  I loved being surrounded by the smell of leather and to see the items in production that I would later sell to my clients.

2013 the idea of the own collection was matured. For the first time I lived in Italy, studied design and pattern making in Milan at a private school – a pure adventure. I learned to shape my ideas, learned to concentrate and started to evolve a design language which is truly my own.

Than I took some months to travel in Italy and Germany to find the perfect leathers, the few accessories I wanted to use and those producers who would be able to work at the high standard of fabrication I had in mind.  I was lucky finding a small manufactory close to Offenbach – the old center for leather goods in Germany – and made the acquaintance of a craftsman for leather goods who also became my teacher. Now I get private lessons in which I learn the handicraft from the scratch.

2015 I founded the label LAURA ANGILLIERI. Due to my design language which avoids seams but works with generously folding the material I can only work with top quality leather. It’s a ‘clean’ product, using only few stitches to hold the form together and only using a minimum of metal accessories. It’s all about the geometrical shape, the leather itself and the way the leather of the bag moves when used. The raw edges of the leather which are another signature of my bags add a certain intended roughness to the smooth look.

You won’t find the brand label on the front … only pure leather … See and enjoy !!